Saudi G20 Pursues International Cooperation to Fight Corruption

Riyadh: (Asia Times India) The G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) will pursue international cooperation on global anti-corruption challenges including the cost of corruption and its impact on the global gross domestic product (GDP).


The ACWG met for the first time under the Saudi G20 Presidency this week, following the announcement by the Saudi Control and Anti-Corruption Authority (NAZAHA) that the working group will hold a minister meeting this year.


The Chair of the ACWG, Dr. Nassar Abaalkhail, highlighted the importance of continuing to address corruption and promoting integrity and accountability in order to foster growth. He also asserted that the ACWG will continue to pursue international cooperation on many global anti-corruption challenges including asset recovery, foreign bribery, and beneficial ownership transparency.


The meeting was focused on the achievements and next steps looking forward to implementing the Anti-Corruption 2019-2021 Action Plan.

Delegates addressed the use of new technologies to boost integrity, while promoting a comprehensive approach to developing anti-corruption policies. Member countries were encouraged to share their best practices regarding integrity within Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).


The G20 agreed on the Anti-Corruption 2019-2021 Action Plan in Buenos Aires in 2018. G20 Members committed to work on the development and implementation of proper mechanisms to adopt G20 agreements in anti-corruption. In the framework of this action plan, G20 members will also look forward to developing targeted actions where the G20 can best add value in promoting international efforts in the fight against corruption.


The ACWG is committed to continue their work focused on promoting international efforts in the fight against corruption, and during 2020 delegates will continue discussing previous agreements and sharing good practices to foster transparency.    




The ACWG welcomed the announcement of the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority (NAZAHA) that the Saudi Presidency will hold the First G20 Anti-Corruption Ministers Meeting.


In making the announcement, NAZAHA President H.E. Mazen Al-Kahmous said the Kingdom has held many discussions on anti-corruption, with the participation of international experts from the public and private sectors and civil society institutions, to enrich knowledge on these issues, in preparation for setting higher principles to be approved by the ministers concerned with fighting corruption in the G20.



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