Jamia violence: Media misreport wallet as ‘stone’ in student’s hand


Jamia violence: Media misreport wallet as ‘stone’ in student’s hand


India Today ran ‘exclusive’ footage on Sunday, on the events of Dec.15, in Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI). This was after a CCTV video of police charging students with lathis inside a reading room went massively viral. The footage was handed over to the channel by SIT of Delhi police. It was played as ‘authentic’ clip and used to claim that students entered the reading room with stones in their hands.A plethora of other news organisations carried the clip and claimed that the students had stones clasped in their hands. Among the English outlets were TOI, Mirror Now, Republic Bharat, Times Now, The Quint and DNA. Some of the Hindi channels were Zee News, Aaj Tak, India TV, NDTV India, News Nation. Right-wing websites OpIndia and Swarajya carried similar reports.The channel claimed that the student was carrying a stone each in both his hands. For the purpose of this fact-check, Alt News used a higher resolution video received from sources. The video is of the same footage played by India Today. Alt News slowed down the video and watched it frame-by-frame. We found that the student was holding a wallet in one of his hands, and a flat object (possibly a phone) in the other.Here is the sequence of events – the student enters the room with a wallet in his right hand and a linear object (possibly a phone) in his left hand. At about 10 seconds, he goes out of the frame and comes back at 17 seconds when his right hand is empty. The brown colour wallet is now visible in his left hand.The wallet is visible in multiple frames, however, is most clear at 1:22-minute mark when the student stretches out his arm.Another clear shot of the wallet can be seen at 2:27 If one notices carefully, the two brown flaps of the wallet are distinctly noticeable and the gap in between is darker – a shade of black.The student holds a flat object in his other hand which could possibly be a mobile phone. It isn’t as distinctly noticeable as the wallet and users are advised to watch the complete video in loops to self-analyse. We will attempt to provide a clean screenshot however there are a few pointers worth mentioning – a stone would typically be irregularly shaped. The object held in his hand is symmetrical and flat.The video shows the linear symmetry of the object held in his left hand.Media outlets therefore jumped to the police’s defence without a basic internal analysis. nationalheraldindia

Another video of Jamia students with folded hands in front of policemen surfaces

Jamia violence: Delhi police names Sharjeel Imam as ''instigator'' in charge sheet; sent in judicial custody till March 3


Delhi police has named Sharjeel Imam as an "instigator" in its charge sheet filed against 17 people in a case related to violence during protests against the amended citizenship law at New Friends Colony near Jamia Millia Islamia. The accused, none of whom are students from Jamia, have been charged with rioting, attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy and other offences under IPC. The chargesheet was filed before CMM Gurmohina Kaur, who sent Imam to judicial custody till March 3 after he was produced in the court on expiry of his custodial interrogation today.Imam was arrested in the case, after an accused in December 15 violence had alleged that he was provoked by Imam''s speeches made during a protest, court sources said.While citing statement of one of the protesters, Mohd Furkan, the police said in the charge sheet that "atmosphere was highly surcharged due to CAA protest and violent incidents of rioting in Jamia."On that day, one Sharjeel Imam, student of JNU also gave provocative speeches against CAA and due to same he (Furkan) and his associates were also frenzied and involved in protest."In view of the above disclosure, the role of Imam will be further probed during the supplementary charge sheet, the police said.Furkan, 26, has also been arrested in the case on the basis of CCTV footage, along with other accused. So far 17 people have been arrested in the case, out of which nine are from New Friends Colony while 8 are from Jamia area, agency said, adding that all of them are locals and no student has been chargesheeted.It said the police has attached CCTV footage, call detail records and statements of over 100 witnesses as evidence in the charge sheet.PTI

Month after Jamia admin filed police complaint, no FIR


New Delhi :A month after students gheraoed Jamia V-C office, the university had filed a police complaint against “brutal action” of “unruly policemen” who beat students and damaged university property. Police, however, are yet to register an FIR in the matter.A Delhi court had also directed Delhi Police to file an action taken report (ATR) by March 16 on a plea filed by university, stating whether any action has been taken on the complaint by the varsity administration to lodge an FIR.Police have registered 2 FIRs — one at New Friends Colony and another at Jamia Nagar — against protesters for damaging public property and rioting. Indianexpress

Jamia violence videos: Delhi Police team visits university campus


A Delhi Police Crime Branch team visited the Jamia Millia Islamia campus on Tuesday as a series of videos of the December 15 violence inside the university emerged over the past few days. 4 videos have surfaced online of the incident, the latest being on Monday. The team led by DCP(Crime) Rajesh Deo visited the varsity''s library that was badly damaged during the alleged police action inside the campus last year, according to officials.This is for the first time that a police team is visiting the campus for investigation after the violence, they said.Members of the team analysed and videographed the extent of damage to the library. They also visited the proctor''s office, the officials said.The case is being probed by the Crime Branch.PTI

Police stormed a university in India; Muslim students say the violence was an act of revenge


Aligarh:Inside Room 46 of Morison Court dormitory, the university students huddled in the dark, too afraid to speak. Police in riot gear pounded on the door. The next sound was glass shattering, then came the thunk and hiss of tear gas. Something exploded once, then twice, with a deafening noise. The smoke grew suffocating. Shahid Hussein, a graduate student in history at AMU, opened the door. The first blow hit him on the left shoulder. The police kept hitting him as they dragged him toward a tree outside, he said. There, 2 officers held his arms behind his back around the trunk, while others beat his legs with a wooden stick.“It was not simply stopping protests,” said Hussein, 24. “They were taking revenge.”“I don’t remember in my time — in British or free India — the police ever having entered the way they are entering now on campuses,” said Irfan Habib, 88, a distinguished historian who has spent most of his life teaching at AMU. The message is that “civil liberty is not yours,” Habib said, and that police “will decide who can protest and who can’t.”The Post spoke to more than a dozen witnesses, as well as doctors, university officials and lawyers, and reviewed police documents, photos, videos and footage from closed-circuit cameras of the incident.A senior police official in Aligarh said that inquiries are underway into allegations of excessive use of force but that the response by law enforcement was appropriate. Students broke part of the university’s main gate and threw stones at police, he said.Aligarh’s students “will determine the place of Muslims in India’s national life,” one of its leaders, Zakir Hussain, once told alumni. What’s more, he continued, “the way India conducts itself toward Aligarh will determine largely . . . the form which our national life will acquire.”Almost immediately, three witnesses said, police began firing tear gas canisters. Some students responded by hurling pieces of brick in the direction of the police. Within half an hour, hundreds of officers, including members of a statewide riot control unit, had arrived.A police report later accused several injured students of crimes, including intent to murder. It blamed their injuries on “stone pelting by their fellows.”The crackdowns at AMU and Jamia galvanized protests across the nation. washingtonpost

Crackdown in Jamia Library: More Footage Released, Shows Police Breaking CCTV Camera

Change of site may weaken protest, say anti-CAA Shaheen Bagh protestors


After the Supreme Court-appointed 3 interlocutors to try and persuade protesters at Shaheen Bagh to shift the protest site, the demonstrators said that moving to another area might weaken the agitation.“The main reason for blocking the road was to pressure the Govt but now if we go to an irrelevant place, I am not sure whether we could insist on our demands with same thrust or not,” said Nadeem Khan, one of the protesters. He said that the apex court should have asked the Govt to approach the protesters and address their demands instead of telling the protesters to vacate the road. Asif Mujtaba, a student of IIT Delhi, said that the road blockade happened to pressure the Govt in a peaceful manner by the sit-in protest. However, Mujtaba hinted that there were high chances that the protesters at Shaheen Bagh would obey the top court’s orders and move the protest site.However, he said that a solution to the problem could be that the protesters would leave one side of the road for traffic while camping on the other side to continue their demonstration.newindianexpress

Centre keen to talk to Shaheen Bagh protesters: Ravi Shankar Prasad


Biharsharif: Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Monday said Centre was “inclined” to talk to those protesting against CAA at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi to remove their “confusions,” but maintained at the same time that if they (protesters) have “other objectives”, action would be taken against them.“The Centre is eager to talk to them and remove all their misgivings about CAA, but the problem is you can awake a sleeping person, not the one who is pretending to sleep,” Prasad told reporters here.“People have right to dissent, but they can’t be allowed to conspire to disintegrate the nation. Terrorists and separatists who are operating from behind to fuel the protests to weaken the nation will be defeated,” he added. “No person will be allowed to break Hindustan,” the minister said.TOI

Amit Shah bluffing over invite to debate on CAA? Shaheen bagh, Kannan and Yogendra Yadav waiting for response


A day after former IAS officer Kannan Gopinathan launched a scathing attack on Union Home Minister Amit Shah for not responding to his request for an appointment to debate on the newly amended Citizenship Act statement, now Swaraj India President Yogendra Yadav has asked for time from Shah to discuss CAA, NRC and NPR. Earlier, Kannan had tweeted saying that even after 3 days, no response has been received from the Home Ministry, “3 days. No response. Shouldn't have given any value to Amit Shah's words. Had to call the bluff though. One can't say anything on TV and get away with it when holding a responsible position. Don't worry. I am not pursuing it further. But please take this as a lesson in democracy,” tweeted the former IAS officer.nationalheraldindia

Shaheen Bagh protesters: We will not relent till CAA, NRC and NPR are gone


You can hear the slogans long before you reach the actual protest site in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh, the place that has become a symbol of the resistance against the controversial CAA and NRC.The mood at the protest site has to be seen to be felt. Though the sit-in protests have persisted 24/7 for over two months now, their intensity is as high as ever, showing no signs of petering out. The passionate and committed voices shouting slogans add to the charged atmosphere at the site.The foot over-bridge near the protest site has been turned into a huge display board with massive posters of national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Ambedkar and Maulana Azad. An LED panel beams the words ‘Reject NRC, NPR, CAA’; posters display slogans like ‘azadi’, while banners hang down from the over-bridge.Installations have been put up, graffiti has been drawn and several people carry posters with different slogans in their hands. An open library named after education pioneers from Maharashtra Savitri Bai Phule and Fatima Sheikh has been set up near the foot over-bridge and has a number of Hindi, English and Urdu books with youngsters poring over them.Suddenly in one of the corners, a group of about a dozen youngsters start raising the slogans of ‘azadi’ and soon the crowd swells around them, taking the chanting to a crescendo. A little girl, with her father holding a national flag, passes by shouting ‘aazadi’ to the tune of the chant.Inside the main protest arena, another little girl keeps moving around with the national flag, shyly smiling. She says her name is Hadeeja and she is a class 2 student. Over 50 women squat quietly, some of them with kids, and smile while making eye contact.“Our demand is simple—revoke CAA and do away with NRC and NPR. We are not letting up at anything less. It does not matter how long it takes, let it take years, we are ready to sit it out till the CAA, NRC and NPR goes,”says Gul Bano, a protester.theweek

At Shaheen Bagh, protesters say open to mediation but won’t vacate site of sit-in


Shaheen Bagh’s women have transformed who speaks for India’s Muslims: NYU Anthropologist Siddiqi

Delhi, UP Police use facial recognition tech at anti-CAA protests, others may soon catch up: Reuters


When artist Rachita Taneja heads out to protest in New Delhi, she covers her face with a pollution mask, a hoodie or a scarf to reduce the risk of being identified by police facial recognition software.Police in Delhi and UP - both hotbeds of dissent - have used the technology during protests that have raged since mid-Dec against CAA that critics say marginalises Muslims.Activists are worried about insufficient regulation around the new technology, amid what they say is a crackdown on dissent by the Modi Govt."I do not know what they are going to do with my data," said Taneja, 28, who created a popular online cartoon about cheap ways for protesters to hide their faces. "We need to protect ourselves, given how this Govt cracks down."Critics also accuse authorities of secrecy - highlighting, for instance, that the software's use during Delhi protests was first revealed by Indian Express.Law enforcement across India could soon be using facial recognition technology. Modi's Govt is seeking bids to create a nationwide database,NAFRS to help match images captured from CCTV cameras with existing databases, including those of passport and police authorities. Reuters

Will fight sedition charges against anti-CAA protesters: JNUSU


New Delhi: JNUSU has protested against sedition charges on the varsity's scholar Sharjeel Imam, doctor Kaleef Khan, Assamese activist Akhil Gogoi among others at Jantar Mantar here.JNUSU had given a call for a march from Mandi House till Jantar Mantar, however, police had imposed section 144 in the area. JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh said that a pattern can be observed not just inside the universities but outside it as well, where an environment is created where the Govt is trying to suppress the voice of the people."We have said it earlier that they should release all political prisoners. And we are going to fight for this. Muslims voices are being targeted and they are cornered, but the whole society has stood against this black law and we will keep fighting," she said.Students raised slogans demanding the release of Imam, Gogoi, and Khan among other protesters who have been detained. Meanwhile, AISA president Kaushik said that Imam was targetted.millenniumpost

Kafeel Khan to file reply to UP State Advisory Board in NSA case today


Gorakhpur paediatrician Dr Kafeel Khan, who was booked under NSA by Aligarh police, will submit his reply to UP State Advisory Board through Mathura Jail authorities today.Confirming this, Khan’s lawyer, Irfan Ghazi, said though the response, as per the magistrate’s directions, has to be sent through the jail superintendent, Dr Khan wants to physically represent his case to the advisory board. Ghazi said that Aligarh police and district authorities have alleged that on Dec.12th Khan’s speech to AMU students had sparked protests in the campus, which is incorrect. He said in the same context, there were protests by women in Shahjamal area from Jan.29 and the same continued till date. He said all the grounds made by the administration in support of booking Khan under NSA are baseless.The lawyer said that in his reply Dr Khan has stated that he had given a speech on December 12 whereas the protests in the campus had started from Dec.9. Even the violence in campus had occurred on Dec 15 when Khan was not there and it was in reaction to Jamia Millia Islamia incident. He said that UP Govt had been indulging a witch-hunt against Khan, in retaliation for his raising voice against the negligence by Govt in the death of 63 children at BRD Medical college hospital in Gorakhpur. TOI

CAA protests: 22 people killed, 322 still in jail for violence in Decr, UP tells HC


UP Govt has told Allahabad High Court that 883 people were arrested for violence during anti-CAA protests in the state on Dec. 20 and 21, HT reported. Of these, 322 people are still in prison, the Govt said.“Out of those arrested, 561 are now out on bail and 322 are still in jail,” UP Govt counsel Manish Goel told the court. He asserted that proper medical aid was provided to the injured, and that 45 police personnel and Govt officials were injured in the violence. The Govt counsel said 22 protestors were killed and 83 injured. The state govt provided the figures to a High Court bench of Chief Justice Govind Mathur and Justice Siddhartha Varma. The court was hearing a bunch of petitions against police action during the protests. The HC on Monday said that it will hear the matter next on March 18.scroll

Anti-CAA protests: 10 complaints against police personnel, UP govt tells Hight Court

CAA protests: Chargesheet filed against 15 in Sambhal


Sambhal police on Monday filed a chargesheet against 15 people for alleged arson, damage to public property and attack on police during a protest against CAA and NRC held at Chaudhary Sarai Crossing in the district on Dec.19. This is the first chargesheet filed in connection with anti-CAA protests that broke out in the state since Dec.15. Of 15 arrested people, a few of them were recently granted bail.Several people, including 3 cops, were injured in the alleged violence. Police are still probing role of local SP MP Shafiq-ur-Rahman Barq and party’s ex district head Feroz Khan. They have been named in FIR lodged on Dec.19. A total of 327 FIRs have been lodged across the state in connection with anti-CAA protests and violence in Dec. Among total FIRs, 12 were lodged in Sambhal.indianexpress

Panel slams UP cop action on women at Bilariyaganj's anti-CAA protest


Lucknow:A panel set up by some social workers and lawyers in UP to look into alleged police atrocities on protesters against CAA triad has slammed the law enforcers for their “barbaric” crackdown on women and children in Bilariyaganj, Azamgarh, on Feb. 5.The panel — UP Coordination Committee — also rubbished police claims that the women had pelted them with stones.“The violent action of the police on peacefully and non-violently protesting women and children was a cowardly move. Firing rubber bullets, tear gas, barbaric baton-charge was not only murder of democracy but also an attack on India’s civilisation and culture,” Sandeep Pandey, a member of the committee, said, reading from a report the panel released in Lucknow on Monday. Pandey, a Magsaysay award winner, had visited Bilariyaganj last week with half-a-dozen other panel members.“The police are spreading false claims that the women had thrown stones at them,” the social worker added. “It cannot be believed that the women who were on peaceful dharna along with their children started hurling stones at the police at 3am.”Among the panel members who visited Bilariyaganj was Ramesh Kumar, a lawyer High Court had recently appointed amicus curiae to assist it in a case related to incidents of violence on December 19 and 20 when protests against CAA, NRC and NPR had broken out across the state.Kumar said he would submit the Bilariyaganj panel’s findings too, besides other reports, when the HC again hears the case related to December violence.Sandeep Pandey recalled what eyewitnesses had told the fact-finding team. “The arrested people include Maulana Tahir Madni, who was roped in by the Azamgarh administration to convince the women to suspend their protest. The police arrested Madni at 1am when the women refused to listen to him. The police turned violent against the women and children thereafter,” Pandey said. The social worker also alleged that the police booked two youths, Nurul Hoda and Mirza Shane Alam, who were not part of any protest and didn’t even visit the dharna site.telegraphindia

No one should fear CAA, won’t block NPR in Maharashtra: CM Uddhav Thackeray


Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray today assured the people that there is nothing to worry about Citizenship (Amendment) Act, saying CAA and NRC are two different issues.On NPR, Thackeray said he will personally check the columns in the NPR and that there shouldn't be any problem with the exercise, Indian Express has reported. Thackeray, however, said he will not allow NRC to be implemented in the state."CAA and NRC are different and NPR is different. No one has to worry if CAA gets implemented. NRC is not there and will not be implemented in the state," CM said. Uddhav said: "If NRC is implemented then it will affect not only Hindus or Muslims but also adivasis. Centre has not discussed NRC as of now. NPR is a census, and I don't find that anyone will be affected as it happens every ten years."The alliance partners -- Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP -- having been talking in different voices on the NPR.indiatoday

Nobody should fear CAA, will personally go through NPR forms: Uddhav Thackeray

"We'll Convince Sena": Sharad Pawar On Gap Over CAA, NPR


Shiv Sena's support for the contentious law CAA and NPR was confirmed today as a key point of difference in Maharashtra's ruling coalition as CM Uddhav Thackeray said CAA is no threat and he would not stop implementation of NPR in the state. But NCP chief Sharad Pawar, who had a crucial role in bringing together the ideologically disparate Sena and Congress, played it down, saying they will discuss the matter with Thackeray's party and bring it on the same page."We have opposed it (CAA, NRC and NPR) earlier too. We even opposed it in the Rajya Sabha," Pawar said. But he pointed out that the 3 parties have agreed on a Common Minimum Programme, and for now, focussing on it to steer Maharashtra is more important.ndtv

CM may have own view on CAA, NCP is against it: Sharad Pawar

As Tripura prepares for NPR exercise, Opposition says people will reject it


As Tripura prepares to carry out NPR exercise, Opposition parties CPI (M) and Congress have expressed confidence that people will reject the exercise and not provide any data. BJP has, however, claimed those opposing NPR are playing “dirty politics” and said the people will fully participate in the process.CPI (M) state leader and ex Deputy Speaker Pabitra Kar said his party has been carrying out a door-to-door campaign, appealing people to reject CAA, NPR and NRC.“We started a door-to-door campaign against NRC, NPR and CAA and we are getting good response from people, who also include many BJP supporters.We shall continue our protest”, Kar said.While State Congress vice president Tapas Dey said Govt is trying to implement NPR against wishes of public.indianexpress

No plan to implement NPR in MP: Kamal Nath


MP CM Kamal Nath has asserted that the Govt has no plan “at present” to undertake the proposed NPR update exercise in the state.Nath’s clarification came in the wake of Congress MLA Arif Masood threatening to protest against the party-led govt’s “decision” to update NPR.indianexpress

154 citizens write to Kovind supporting CAA, NPR, NRC


New Delhi :As many as 154 prominent citizens, including former judges, bureaucrats, armed forces officers and academicians, on Monday said a “false and motivated” campaign is being launched against CAA, NPR and NRC with a sinister design to harm the nation and sought action against trouble-makers.In a letter to President Ram Nath Kovind, citizens urged Govt to look into the ongoing protests with all seriousness and safeguard the democratic institutions of the country, and take stern action against those people behind them.The citizens, including 11 ex judges of different high courts, 24 retired IAS officers, 11 ex Indian Foreign Service officers, 16 retired IPS and 18 ex Lieutenant Generals, said “fear” is being spread across the length and breadth of India which appears to be “motivated and with a sinister design” to harm the nation.PTI

Bidar school sedition case: No other community named, only law opposed, said court


While granting bail in the sedition case filed over a school play in Bidar town of Karnataka, the Bidar district and sessions court observed that the play — staged by children aged nine to 12 years — did not refer to any community other than Muslims, and was enacted to oppose the enforcement of a law.Najibunnisa (46), mother of a Class V student, and Fareeda Begum (50), the headmistress of Shaheen Primary School, were released after 15 days of incarceration over a play staged by children to oppose CAA on January 21. Ordering their conditional release on Feb.14, Bidar District Judge Managoli Premavathi observed: “The drama shows that children have condemned enforcement of laws. There is no other community named in the drama and all they have stated is that Muslims will have to leave the country’’.In its bail order, the court observed that 2 women had not been named in the original FIR registered in the case.“Words uttered by the children during the drama make out that they protested against enforcement of laws,’’court said. During the bail hearing, advocates who appeared for the two women argued that “every citizen of the country has got the right to oppose a law intended to be brought into force and this cannot be treated as sedition’’. Further, since “there is no reference of any other community, there is no question of causing disharmony between communities’’, they had said.indianexpress

Madras HC bars Muslim outfits from holding Assembly siege for anti-CAA resolution


Madras High Court today restrained a body of Muslim outfits from going ahead with its proposed agitation to lay siege to Tamil Nadu Assembly pressing their demand for a House resolution against CAA, NRC and NPR. A bench of justices M Sathyanaraya and R Hemalatha granted the interim injunction till March 11, restraining the Federation of Tamil Nadu Islamic and Political Organisations and its allied associations from holding the agitation, proposed for Wednesday.Passing the interim order on a PIL which sought to forebear the police from granting permission to the agitation, the bench posted the matter to March 12 for further hearing. The court made it clear that it was not expressing any opinion on CAA, or NRC or NPR.The siege protest has been called to bring pressure on AIADMK Govt to adopt a resolution in the assembly opposing the CAA as had been done by several non-BJP ruled states.An attempt by opposition DMK to move an anti-CAA resolution in the assembly during the session has failed with Speaker P Dhanapal disallowing a notice for it, saying the matter was sub-judice.Earlier, state Additional Advocate General S R Rajagopoal told the court that any application seeking police permission for the protest should be made five days prior, but in this case, the federation had moved the police only on Monday for the agitation proposed on Wednesday.PTI

Muslim couple gets married at anti-CAA protest venue in Chennai


Chennai's Old Washermanpet, where protesters are currently holding anti-CAA, NRC, NRC agitations, on Monday witnessed something unusual when a Muslim couple Sumayya and Shahin Shah, got married at a protest venue. The newlyweds have been actively taking part in anti-CAA protests and decided to tie the knot at the venue, with elders agreeing to it.The protesters have been agitating against CAA, NPR and NRC for the past few days. It was an unusual scene where an agitating couple was getting married with all the rituals.www

Various bodies support Muslims protesting in Haryana''s Nuh


Nuh:Several organisations on Monday said they have extended support to protesters sitting on a dharna for the past 19 days in minority-dominant Nuh district of Haryana against the controversial CAA and NPR.The protest has been organised by Mewat Vikas Sabha and Mewat RTI Manch at Badkali Chowk under Ferozpur Jhirka police station against CAA/NRC. Extending the support of Akal India Peace Mission (AIPM) to the protesters, its national convener Daya Singh alleged that Modi Govt''s wrong policies had put the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood in danger.Tammana Pankaj, president of United Against Hate organisation, said that the Centre has not come out with even a single policy in public interest in the last 6 years.Jagbir Fulia, district convener of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Mission, said that central govt''s action with regard to CAA and NPR is an attack on the Constitution.-IANS

Mumbai Police denies permission to Chandrashekhar Azad to hold anti-CAA rally


Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad was today denied permission by the Mumbai Police to hold a long rally against CAA, NRC, and many others issues at Mumbai's Azad Maidan on Feb.21.Last month, Azad had filed a petition against CAA in the Supreme Court calling the said law "arbitrary, irrational, devoid of intelligible differentia." Bhim Army chief on several occasions has been spotted in anti-CAA and anti-NRC agitation organised in different parts of the country. On Sunday, Chandrashekhar led 'Aarakshan Bachao' march from Mandi House to Parliament against Supreme Court's February 7 judgement which stated that states are not bound to provide reservation in appointments and that quota in promotion is not a fundamental right.ANI

Assam NRC Rejection Certificates to be Issued After 1 Month: Official


New Delhi: While anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protests continue across the country, NRC authorities in Assam—the only state where the register of citizens has been updated—have said that procedure of issuing rejection certificates to the 19 lakh people, whose names were excluded from the final NRC, Assam, will begin after one month. The reasons for rejecting the applications of the people left out of NRC would be mentioned in detail in the rejection slips.“Some work like scanning of documents remains to be done. We hope to complete the remaining work within one month, after which we will start issuing the rejection certificates,” NRC Assam state coordinator Hitesh Dev Sarma was quoted as saying by The Telegraph. Following the issuing of these rejection certificates, the 19 lakh people who were left out of the NRC published in August last year would be required to present themselves in the foreigners’ tribunals (FTs) for proving their claims. There will be a 120-day period given from the date of issue of the rejection certificate to file their claims. The date from which the filing of appeals would be counted will be same for everyone, official sources had earlier said.For this purpose, 200 new FTs have been set up by the state Govt, in addition to the existing 100 FTs, as per reports.The Telegraph/Newsclick

Central Panel Suggests Inner Line Permit, Quota To Placate Assam CAA Protesters

"Rohingya, Ahmadiyya?" Brinda Karat Slams Govt Over CAA


Raipur: CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat has asked why the Rohingya and Ahmadiyya Muslims, facing persecution in Myanmar and Pakistan, are not covered under the new citizenship law if the Centre is so much concerned about people facing atrocities in neighbouring countries. Terming CAA as "divisive and discriminatory", she said it is India's tragedy that instead of external forces, the central Govt itself is engaged in "weakening the Constitution and dividing the country".PTI



In J&K, police invoke stringent UAPA in FIR against social media use


Srinagar :Police in J&K have invoked the stringent UAPA to register a case against people using social media through proxy servers by getting past Internet firewalls.FIR was filed a day after a video of the ailing Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Geelani was uploaded on social media by different users.“Taking serious note of misuse of social media, Cyber Police Station, Kashmir Zone, Srinagar has registered a Case FIR against various social media users who defied Govt orders and misused social media platforms,” police said in a statement.“FIR has been registered while taking cognizance of social media posts by miscreants by use of different VPNs, which are propagating rumours with regard to the current security scenario of Kashmir valley, propagating secessionist ideology and glorifying terror acts/terrorists,” it said.indianexpress

J&K police FIR against users who accessed social media through VPN

Govt slaps UAPA on those 'misusing' social media in Kashmir, Owaisi says new records of cruelty


New Delhi:After J&K Police registered a case against various people for defying Govt orders on use of social media, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has slammed the move. In a tweet, Owaisi hit out at Union Home Minister Amit Shah and said, "Kashmir mein sab kuch normal hai, haina?""Every day there is a new proof of how little Amit Shah understood Kashmir (or apparently, how VPN technology works). So, now they try to set new world records of cruelty, incompetence and humiliation," he added.indiatoday

Will build Pandit townships, rebuild temples in Kashmir: Amit Shah


Jammu: 10 special townships and renovation and rebuilding of temples destroyed and desecrated by terrorists were among promises made by Union Home Minister Amit Shah to a delegation of Kashmiri Pandits on Tuesday.The delegation, which included prominent Kashmiri Pandits like Utpal Kaul, Col Taj Tikoo, Dr Surinder Kaul, Sanjay Ganjoo and Parekisht Kaul, met Amit Shah to express gratitude to the Govt for abrogating Article 370 and 35A. During their meeting, Kashmiri Pandits appealed to the Home Minister to address the issues of displaced Pandits on a priority basis. Pandits urged Amit Shah to take concrete steps for honourable and dignified return of the community to the Kashmir Valley.indiatoday

'Will salute Amit Shah if he dares to roams freely in Kashmir': Iltija Mufti says Valley angry with Centre


Iltija Mufti, daughter of incarcerated PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti, said that PM Narendra Modi is either being misled or he is "intentionally misleading the country" on Kashmir. Speaking at a press conference held in Delhi, Iltija was quoted as saying by The Hindu, "I respect PM Modi. But I don't know if he is being misled or he is misleading the country intentionally."She said that though people of Kashmir are angry with local political leaders like Mehbooba Mufti and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, "they are more angry with the central Govt". "Let Amit Shah go there and see by himself...I will do a salaam to Amit Shah if he roams around freely in Kashmir," Iltija said.In her address to the media, Iltija also questioned the filing of an FIR against 200 Kashmiris for using social media. She was quoted by India Today as saying, "I will go to Kashmir and use VPN. Let them slap an FIR against me."

Govt moves on delimitation of J&K Assembly seats, CEC names commissioner


New Delhi:In an indication that Union Territory of J&K may see Assembly elections in due course, the Govt has set the ball rolling for delimitation of Assembly constituencies in the erstwhile state.Based on a request from Ministry of Legislative Affairs (MLA), Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora has nominated Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra as his representative in the proposed delimitation commission for J&K, EC said on Monday.The commission, sources said, is likely to be officially announced soon after being fully constituted and will begin work thereafter.indianexpress

J&K Rural Bypolls: Mainstream parties question rationale behind holding polls on party lines


Jammu :Mainstream political parties in J&K have argued against the election authority’s decision to hold panchayat bye-elections in J&K on party basis.Leaders of Congress, NC and PDP have questioned the rationale behind holding bypolls for over 12,000 vacant seats on party lines when two-thirds of panchayat seats in J&K were filled through election on non-party lines in 2018. Leaders of NC and PDP have also said that with their top leaders still in detention, they are in no position to contest the polls.State Congress chief GA Mir said holding elections to two-third of the seats on non-party basis and one-third on party basis does not match. Union Territory administration on Monday refused permission to Mir to travel to Kashmir from Jammu for meeting party workers ahead of the bypolls that start on March 5. “On Sunday evening, I informed UT Police’s security wing about my tour programme for Anantnag and Srinagar to discuss with party colleagues about the panchayat bypolls. Two hours later, I was conveyed that I cannot proceed to the Valley,’’ Mir said.indianexpress

Pakistan stays on terror funding 'Grey List', escapes new sanctions: sources


Pakistan managed to stay on anti-terror finance watchdog FATF's "Grey List", avoiding the black list by citing action taken against terror orgnisations, sources said today. Islamabad, sources said, was trying to escape any listing altogether, against New Delhi's efforts to push it to the black list. The final decision will be taken on Friday after week-long plenary session. Blacklisting by Paris-based Financial Action Task Force could have been a blow for Pakistan's economic reforms programme. A place in the black list - where Iran currently is -- incurs severe economic sanctions, IMF had said in an internal report. It would have led to a free on investments and other capital inflows, including funding by IMF.This time it avoided the black list with the support of Turkey and Malaysia, whose leaders  had announced their plan to support Islamabad. Support of three nations is needed to avoid the black list.But if Pakistan is not removed from the grey list by April, it may automatically slide into the black list.39-member FATF met in Paris today amid a week-long plenary to discuss the risk rating for Pakistan and Iran.ndtv

Imran Khan hosts Antonio Guterres, tells UN chief to honour Kashmir's right to 'self-determination'


Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Monday urged UN to fulfil its commitments with the people of Kashmir and help them achieve right of self-determination as he met chief of the global body Antonio Guterres in Islamabad.During his meeting with UN Secretary-General, Khan highlighted the "dire human rights and humanitarian situation" in J&K following India's 5 August  decision to end the special status of the region."PM underscored that the Kashmiri people continued to look to UN to honour its commitments for the realisation of their right to self-determination, as enshrined in numerous UN Security Council resolutions," PMO sai.PTI

UK Labour MP’s visa revoked for her ‘anti-India’ activities: govt official


New Delhi: Visa of UK parliamentarian Debbie Abrahams was revoked as she was indulging in activities that went against India's national interest, a Govt official said on Tuesday. The Labour MP and leader of UK Parliament’s All Party Parliamentary Group for Kashmir was deported to Dubai on Monday as she was found not in possession of a valid visa at the time of her travel to India and she was accordingly requested to return, the official said. Ms. Abrahams has claimed she was “treated like a criminal” at the New Delhi airport before being sent back.On Tuesday, she shared a copy of her e-business visa on Twitter. The visa, granted on October 7, 2019 was valid for a year to attend “business meetings.”However, the Govt official said that Ms. Abrahams' e-Business Visa was revoked on Feb.14, on account of her indulging in activities that went against India's national interest, and this was intimated to her the same dayMs. Abraham had convened meetings on the human rights situation in J&K as well as on the India-Pakistan conflict.thehindu

British MP Debbie Abrahams’ deportation necessary, she is a ‘Pakistan proxy’: Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi


:Opinions within Congress appear to be divided over the deportation of British MP Debbie Abrahams from Delhi airpor. After party MP Shashi Tharoor criticised the decision asking if the Govt was “scared of critics”, senior leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi has backed the move saying it was necessary as Abrahams is a “Pakistan proxy”.“The deportation of Debbie Abrahams by India was indeed necessary, as she is not just an MP, but a Pak proxy known for her clasp with Pak govt and ISI. Every attempt that tries to attack India’s sovereignty must be thwarted,” Singhvi tweeted.indianexpress

'Because of my Kashmir views?': British MP Debbie Abrahams asks


British lawmaker Debbie Abrahams' e-Business visa was revoked as she was involved in anti-India activities and the cancellation was conveyed to her on 14 February, Govt sources told PTI.Abrahams hit back at the Govt, questioning the Centre if the decision was taken due to her criticism of the Centre's policy on J&K, in a series of tweets on Twitter.She attached photos of the e-visa online, claiming that she had a valid visa.She also clarified that she was 'pro-human rights and social justice'. "I will always speak up for people who are not afforded these rights including Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control," she said.firstpost

Haven't represented India: Kabaddi coach Harpreet Singh on playing 'unauthorised' World Cup in Pakistan


Amritsar: The coach of the "unofficial" kabbadi team that returned from Pakistan on Monday after losing to the home team in the "unauthorised" World Cup tournament without the "consent" of the Indian Govt said the team went there without violating any laws."If we defied the laws, Indian authorities might question us on our arrival. Nobody asked us about any illegal act we did or on our visit," coach Harpreet Singh Baba told the media. Pakistan defeated India won 43-41 in the final of the World Cup on Sunday in Lahore's Punjab Stadium. He said the players had nothing to do with the Punjab Kabaddi Association. The team reached India via the Attari-Wagah joint check post, some 30 km from here. It reached Lahore on February 9 to participate in the tournament hosted by Pakistan.IANS


Punjab: Gangster Budha drug probe throws up Pak link, hawala transactions


Chandigarh : Punjab Police on Sunday said that two men — Jagdeep Singh alias Jagga (aka Billa) and Gurvinder Singh alias Pehalwan, arrested three days ago as part of drug trail exposed by dreaded gangster Sukhpreet Singh aka Budha — are part of a powerful nexus involving “big fish” in Pakistan. Budha was deported from Armenia and arrested when he landed at Delhi airport in Nov. indianexpress

India deployed P-8I naval jets to keep eye on Chinese troops during Doklam face-off


Indian Navy’s Poseidon 8I anti-submarine warfare aircraft was deployed to carry out surveillance on movement of Chinese troops during 73-day-long standoff between India and China in mountainous Doklam. Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat confirmed the use of naval aircraft while talking about the need for bringing in tri-services synergy in dealing with national security challenges.“P-8I aircraft of Indian Navy was deployed in Doklam (during the face-off),” Gen Rawat told a group of journalists.Troops of India and China were locked in a standoff in Doklam from June 16, 2017, after the Indian side stopped the building of a road in the disputed area by Chinese Army. PTI


Can Ram temple be built on Muslim graves: 9 Ayodhya residents to Trust


New Delhi : 9 Muslim residents of Ayodhya have written to the newly appointed Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra, appealing to them to not construct the new Ram temple on the graveyard of Muslims in the immediate vicinity of the surrounding area of the 1,480 sq m of the site where Babri Masjid once stood. Their letter asserts that the use of the total 67 acres of Govt acquired land for the temple is a “complete ouster” of the claim of Muslims and is contrary to what the law has laid down. “4-5 acres around the demolished mosque” is what is being claimed as having been handed over arbitrarily, “as expected” by the Centre, the letter states. “The graves may not be visible today considering the fact that the entire area has been differently treated with since 1949, when forcibly an idol of Lord Ram was placed inside the Mosque and when in 1992 the Mosque was demolished.”Also, “5 acres” which the Supreme Court in its November 2019 order had said would be allotted to Muslims at a “suitable prominent place in Ayodhya” has been allotted, but far away from where the Babri Masjid once stood, the letter states. 4-page letter asks the 10 trustees “with best knowledge and experience in the field of Hindu/Sanatan religion and practice” to consider whether “the temple of Lord Ram can have foundation on the grave of Muslims”. It says: “In 1994, the Supreme Court had upheld the acquisition of larger land admeasuring 67 acres which included the graveyard land and thus the entire land became vested with the Central Govt. The object of the Acquisition Act of 1993 was to maintain public order and promote communal harmony.” It also says that the acquisition was “not to exclude Muslims from the said land”. The object sought to be achieved through the Act was also to construct a ‘Mosque’.” The letter terms the use of all of the land as contrary to the “discretionary power conferred to them by the Supreme Court of India” and “uncalled for.”The letter cites the stand of Shri Ramlalla Virajman in the original suit number 5 and “recorded facts” where it says 75 Muslims killed in the riots of 1855 were buried there, “in an existing graveyard around the Mosque” as well as the Allahabad High Court judgment where Justice DV Sharma cites that the “disputed structure was surrounded by a graveyard on 3 sides”.

SC lawyer writes to Ram Temple trust asking for 5 acres of land around demolished Babri Masjid to build a graveyard

We are following SC order, says Ayodhya DM after Muslims raise graveyard issue


Lucknow: The district administration in UP’s Ayodhya town on Tuesday said that the Supreme Court is aware of all facts related with 67 acre land of Ram Janmabhoomi.“The Supreme Court is aware of all facts related with the Ram Janmabhoomi land. I am no one to comment on the issue,” said Anuj Jha, DM, Ayodhya.“It was after the Supreme Court’s order that the 67 acre land was transferred to the Centre. We are only following Supreme Court’s order,” added Jha.15-member Trust – Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirath Kshetra - is scheduled t



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