Statement of Hadiya in the wake of controversies erupted over her press conference

 Dr. Hadiya

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New Delhi : A statement of Dr Hadiya is circulating  on social media rapidly since morning,  in wake of controversies erupted over her press conference.
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 Dr. Hadiya
Just after the verdict of honourable Supreme Court, I took 3 days leave from the college. I have reached Unity House (PFI headquarters) on Saturday morning. I went there to express my gratitude to the Chairman, state president and other leaders of Popular Front for helping me on many occasions and leading legal battle against (Kerala) High Court ruling that made our marriage null and void
I could learn that there were active intervention by people from different walks of life, organizations and media for my release and freedom of belief when I was under house arrest as a result of injudicious verdict from High Court. I could understand this only after my release.
Till that time I was not knowing what was happening outside. When we reached Unity House, media persons were already there waiting for our coming. Heeding to request from media people, Popular Front leadership made arrangements for a meet the press there itself. It has come to my notice that some misunderstandings have been spread about what I had talked to media persons.
I have clear conviction that the legal fight for making justice available to us became successful because of support and prayers of all good hearted people. When I approached many in the initial phases of my acceptance of Islam, all of them evaded. It was Popular Front and Satyasarani who were ready to accept and support me.
Now I See that news items were published and discussions were taken Place in social media by misunderstanding the fact I have stated to media in response to a query posed to me.
My statement was not about legal battle taken place at Supreme Court in the wake of HC verdict.
Many good people had stood with me wholeheartedly. It is known to everyone that it was Popular Front who courageously led the legal movements
Activists belong to diverse fields, online groups who  made the voice for my justice live in online, associations within and outside kerala who conducted campaigns for my release, various party workers irrespective of their political affiliations, those associated with religious organizations, print and visual media, online portals, sisters who came for protests near my house where I was confined, people from different parts of world who prayed for my release and freedom of belief by offering namaz and observing fast, those who fought for my justice in streets and courts………..I express my heartly gratitude to each and everyone.
I feel sorry to see a controversy that I hadn’t intended. We thankfully acknowledge all steps and prayers made for making justice available to us. May Allah bestow rewards to all.
with prayers

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