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A Group of Delhi Based Journalists Launched Asia Times  in October 2014 , only  after a Six Month , we got a land mark of achievements,  In these Top Five  countries  are  Saudi Arab, Qatar , USA,  Bharain and UAE, and in India  we are reaching  Delhi , Mumbai , Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Lusknow.


Asia Times   Daily News Website  connecting with people around the globe and specially In South Asian Nations  . The idea of “Asia Times” -News website is oriented to develop the high quality online resource of accurate information that reflects variety of opinions and meaningful discussions about development of democratic society in India Asia. Asia Times provides instant news reports ,Interviews and analytical materials, reviews, comments on Indian subcontinent in.

 ‘Asia Times’ is our humble but serious attempt to show beacon in the infinite web world with a passion of service to the country, community and humanity. Our aim is to uphold truth, justice and ethics that too not losing the standard of journalism and avoiding cheep propaganda, spreading gossips, rumours and falsehood. We will provide news, views, features, articles, columns, documentaries, interviews in an objective manner especially related to the country and community.

Asia Times has approx. 7,000 daily unique visitors and approx. 11,000 pageviews daily according to the latest stats by Google analtycs




 We don’t have too many resources and don’t claim that this can compete with well known channels, newspapers, media houses and moguls and this is not even our mission too. Like ‘Rome wasn't built in a day’ and we firmly believethat a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and the first step would be stepping stone towards a strong foundation.

 We are beginning this journey with the God’s trust and with a small but dedicated youth’s team. At present, they may be naive, though they are determined, passionate and energetic. Who seek elders’ guidance and best regards and believe let it be start, instead of showing inability, cursing and decrying others. 


 خبروں ، فیچرس، مضامین

 سمیت دیگرامورکے لیے 

ایشیا ٹائمز کے ادارتی شعبے سے

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Asia Times

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