And finally, all tribes of ostriches had to come together on a common platform

By: Zain Shamsi


And finally, all tribes of ostriches had to come together on a common platform. They were hitherto in a state of slumber with their heads buried in the sand thinking they were safe until an unforeseen adversity caught them unawares. As they regained consciousness, there was no other option but to sit together and reflect as to why the hunter was just after them.

After a long deliberation, it occurred to them that there was no escape and it would be better to commit suicide rather than being hunted. So, the ostriches—the ones who had never been of one mind—unanimously decided to commit a collective harakiri. For this, they chose a pond where all would go to drown.

At an appointed hour, when all ostriches approached at the pond, the toads, who were already present there, got alarmed and jumped into the water. On seeing this, the chief of the tribe said: Fellows, we are no longer the weakest, the most suppressed and the most terrorized lot. There are creatures who are even more frightened than we are. So, the suicide is cancelled!


If you think that ostriches signify Muslims, then start digging up the toads.

A political fact is that the entire world is afraid of Muslims. And the social reality is that Muslims, in the entire world, are living in fear. The world has declared Muslims as terrorists, yet Muslims are the ones who are the most terror-stricken. Strangely enough, how come the blood of the bloodthirsty is so cheap!

We are burying our heads in the sand, even as the time has its own schemes. Good times do come but, unfortunately, they take their own time to come. So, friends, wait for the good times ahead.

After being defeated by the braggart Modi, the taciturn Manmohan had said that he would be remembered in the coming times.

And the Chinese premier told the UNO that China has just taken back a part of India which was seized from them by the Emperor Aurangzeb in order to save the Hindu faith.

The irony of ironies—all surviving relics of the same emperor are being eliminated as he is believed to be anti-Hindu!

Stupid, as they don’t know that memory does not work when history redresses. 


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