Palestine is not just a country. It is a symbol. Of standing steadfast against oppression

By: Zain Shamsi


His tears wouldn't stop. The bystanders saw that he mourned bitterly. No one, not even Indian leaders, cried as much. Placed in front of him were the mortal remains of the lady he regarded as his sister. She was shot dead by her own bodyguard. Yes, she was Indira Gandhi; and his brother was none other than Yasser Arafat, who strived till his last breath for the freedom of Palestine from the oppressive clutches of Israel. And 'Durga', as Atal Bihari Vajpayee called her, stood firmly by Yasser Arafat against Israel.

Despite India being economically weak, she remained loyal to the oppressed nations against the tyrants.
The Indian leaders too had furthered the country's commitment towards tolerance, moral code and conscience.

When Gandhi Ji was assassinated, the last words he uttered were 'he Ram'. And Shastri Ji succumbed to the shock in Tashkent as he heard about his Indo-Pak deal was being opposed to in his own land.
Today, where have we come to?

In the entire world, our PM garners accolades by insulting the country and patting his own back. India hasn't got proper toilets--he said--so we launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Indians are thieves--he opines elsewhere--so we put a stop to the black money. Indians are labourers--he avers yet another time--so we formulated the plan of 'Make in India' to invite foreign companies for getting their products manufactured by our labourers. 
Alas! The one who was entrusted to mak
e the country proud is bringing disgrace to her. 

In such a state of affairs, where do we look for the India of which it was stated: "Kuchh baat hai ke hasti mit ti nahin hamari" [there is something about our existence for it doesn't get wiped]. 

Palestine is not just a country. It is a symbol. Of standing steadfast against oppression. Of saying no to yield before the tyrant. Of a child having the courage to stand and raise slogans in front of military tanks. This is why the world powers are scared of Palestinian slings. And the Saheb is happy that the head of Israel who ensnared the entire world in the trap of terrorism, says that his match with him was made in the heaven.

Isn't it unheard of that the match of ##### is made in the heaven?
The deals with Israel clearly mean this: In the wake of rise of cow vigilantism and conflict between Muslim countries, those who raise voice against the establishment are terrorists.
Who is not aware as to who the fountainhead in the game of terrorism is?
And he approached to ink deals with t

hat very fountainhead! 
If you had a hint of humanity and Indianness, you would have also gone to share the pain of the Palestinians so that history would record that you went to a country whose premier had once keened a lament at your PM's demise.


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