Letter of Navaid Hamid to Lok Sabha Speaker Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan

Madam Speaker,

Parliament is the temple of democracy and free press is one of its fundamentals. In a democratic country like India, press had always played a prominent and leading role in espousing the cause of the masses, especially downtrodden, poor and underprivileged. Free press acts as a bridge between the government and the people.

 I was pained to know that a person of your stat​ure has suggested press to abstain from reporting unpleasant truth in the national interest while addressing participants in a programme organized by a offshoot of RSS,Indraprastha Vishwa Samvad Kendra. You represent saner voice in the country and as a the presiding officer of the world's largest parliament, which is adored for its transparency and high quality debate, has onerous responsibility to ensure freedom of speech and press. India has achieved distinction of being largest democracy in the world because we allowed free press in the country to report events unbiased. If news gets manipulated and twisted; it loses its sheen. In a free and democratic world we need to maintain journalistic ethics and carry on duties objectivity.

 This may not be possible if press is chained and conditions imposed. This will result into collapse of edifice of democracy. If press is asked to avoid reporting shortcomings of the government, it represents signs of press censorship. There are some forces in the country, who are bent upon controlling the press for their political gains and objectives.


But I am hopeful that as a seasoned politician you will always follow dharma of free press as that is the key to success for our country's prosperity and progress. This will ensure democratic polity in true spirit.


With warm regards,

 Yours Sincerely

  Navaid Hamid


 Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan

Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha

Parliament House

New Delhi-110001

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