Establish prayers and pay Zakaat, and keep sending good deeds forward for your Hereafter

Dr Muhiuddin Ghazi

Asia Times Desk

Quran – Teachings and Applications
(A Summary)

Author: Dr Muhiuddin Ghazi

Translated By: Usama Khan


Chapter-1 Fatiha

In the Name of Allah the most Gracious and Merciful

Praise Allah, worship Allah, and turn to Allah for help. Walk on the righteous and straight path. Follow the path of those Allah has rewarded, do not follow the path of those Allah has unleashed the wrath and those gone astray.

Chapter-2 Baqarah
In the Name of Allah the most Gracious and Merciful

The awaited book has arrived, make this book a torch bearer and guide, hold it fast, believe in the unseen, establish prayers, spend for Allah’s sake, believe in the Qur’an, and all the previous books, believe in the day of judgment. Do not do mischief on the earth, work hard to galvanize the earth, do not exchange right with wrong. Worship the Almighty Allah, believe in Allah and do good deeds. Do not break the promises made with Allah, join those you have been ordered by the Almighty to join, this land is made for you, by giving supremacy you have been made Caliph on this earth, fulfill the duties of a Caliph. Do not spread perversion and misfortune in this land, do not spill blood and do not do genocide on this earth. Beware of the evil, deprecate immediately if it misguides you.

You always remember God’s blessings and fulfill the promises made with Allah. Fear from Allah, believe in the Book of Allah and do not tradeoff the verses of Allah. You avoid the wrath of Allah Almighty, separate the truth from falsehood, favor the truth, establish prayers, pay Zakaat, and bow with those who bow. You call others for the righteous, and always practice what is upright, do not forget yourself, get solace from patience and prayers and for that create concentration in your life. Always keep in your mind the final meeting with the Lord(Allah), and that finally you have to turn towards the Almighty. Think of the day when no-one will come for help, no recommendation will be accepted, no offering will be accepted, and no one will be helped by anyone.

Read the story of Bani Israel with utmost attention, gain a lesson from their expiration; they have done ingratitude with Allah’s blessings and you do not do it, they ridiculed the signs of Allah and you do not do it, they gouged the divine law of Allah and you do not do it, they broke promises made with Almighty and you do not do it.

Worship only the Allah Almighty, treat your parents with dignity and gratitude, take care of your relatives, orphans, poor, establish prayers and pay Zakaat.

Do not spill blood of each other, do not destroy the houses of each other’s, do not deprive each other and do not harm each other, believe in the entire book of Allah. Hold firmly the divine law of Allah.

Avoid all the acts of disbelief such as magic, do not misuse God’s verses, do not do such acts which can harm you or other people, protect the relationship of husband and wife, do not separate them, establish such a relationship with the book of Allah as it demands.

Establish prayers and pay Zakaat, and keep sending good deeds forward for your Hereafter.

Do not keep false hopes, bow down before Allah, and bring life to its best.

It’s a great injustice to stop people from worshipping in the mosques of Allah and to abandon a mosque, stay away from such cruelty.

Do not follow the desires of others, value the Allah’s guidance, read the book of Allah as it demands to be read.

Ibrahim is the Imam of all of you, seek guidance for you from his extraordinary life, abstain from wrongdoing, the Kaaba was the center of Ibrahim’s activities, accept it as your mosque too, take care of the sanctity of Kaaba and every other mosques as well.
Become the obedient of God, seek your altar, and ask for God’s mercy. Become the flag bearer of the mission of Allah’s messenger and teach people the verses of the Holy Quran, try to get the teachings of wisdom from the book and convey it to the people, make your own assessment and do the appraisal of people. Accept wholeheartedly the path of Ibrahim, the way of complete submission to the Lord of the Worlds.

Be a true Muslim, and strive in your life to make your children a true Muslim too, keep in mind that you do not die but in the condition of Islam, and always assert your children for this as long as you die. Fill the hearts of your children with utmost love and compassion for Islam.

Many people will claim that their path is righteous, but you have to choose Ibrahim’s way, he was the true believer.

The path of all the prophets is the path of Islam, you too should follow the same path, believe in all the heavenly books, do not make any difference between them, broadcast your Muslimhood. Believe in the way the true believers believed in Allah’s Messenger. It is the color of Allah, adopt it, no other color is good instead, therefore denounce every other color except it. Do not follow the path of Yahood and Nasara, keep following with confidence the path you have been shown. You have to answer for your actions and submit your earnings.

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